The foundation

Our desire is to provide the best we have; Excellent service, delicious dishes in an environment where you are our host.

What defines us

Gold Street is a restaurant with family atmosphere, friends, business meetings and entertainment.

Our History

The Gold Street restaurant is a family business founded on February 14, 1997 by the father of the Portillo family, a Salvadoran fighter who after seeking the American dream and work in a hotel in America, dreamed of having his own restaurant in the Salvador, spent 13 years he managed to put his dedication to an unknown activity for him, but he embraced with enthusiasm, courage and love.

At the beginning the Portillo family faced a lot of challenges, and that chosen for the restaurant at that time location was a way in construction, which does not yet have basic services like water, electricity, communications, transportation , etc. and they had to find a way to beat all the limitations that had at that time, using power plants, acclimating musically with their vehicles; achieving conquer the palate and acceptance of its first customers, who enjoyed the place as it was a totally different environment. Portillo made the testing of traditional meals and being able to develop original recipes with the characteristic flavor of the east of the country.

Recognized by the original flavor of the meat, seafood and desserts, along with constant innovation and quality of services including: bar, organizing events and banquets at home, the restaurant was able to support a large number of artists and provide its customers with a familiar and cozy atmosphere.

Currently the restaurant has modernized its facilities offering VIP areas, rest areas, seats for comfort and everything needed for events held generate high levels of customer satisfaction.

With 18 years of foundation and its slogan “Putting an unforgettable impression on the palate of our guests” Mr. Portillo with his family continues working to make this generous tree planting fruitful, now strong and entrenched roots and generations that precede continue maintaining and increasing.

Our culture


Being a restaurant renowned for its taste, originality, tradition and innovation, high quality standards and ethical principles, offering high quality services in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, thus achieving be preferred by Salvadoran family in and out of our country’s borders, offering a wide variety of products and services, with a thin customer service and committed to keep from generation to generation family togetherness that characterizes us.


To offer our customers a wide range of services with high quality standards addressing their needs through personalized service to ensure your satisfaction, creating unforgettable moments for them, ensuring a great atmosphere, taste and attention.


  • Welcome and guide customers according to their needs and provide quality in each of the services provided.
  • Providing a new way to enjoy different and delicious dishes, and a moment of rest and relaxation.


Commitment: To demonstrate dedication to service and sense of belonging, exercise the leadership necessary to comply with the objectives of the company, respecting the environment.

Responsibility: Making processes well in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

Efficiency: quality results are delivered in a timely manner.

Teamwork: We value the support provided by each member of the team.

Respect: Give it a good deal and value the people who work the restaurant.

Honesty: Show transparency with customers and employees with fairness and professionalism.

Creativity: Perform innovation every day for variety of products and alternatives.